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    In our monitoring activities, COVERCO performs a social audit. We capture the flavour of labour relations on the factory floor (for example, checking if there is a grievance procedure and how well it works); execute a thorough review of payroll and employee records (checking, for example, if overtime, employee benefits and production bonuses are paid according to the law); and document working conditions (checking the use of industrial chemicals, the conditions of sanitary facilities, etc.)

    Before COVERCO carries out a social audit, we negotiate with the corporation access to workers both on and off the job as well as access to payroll records and worker files. We also negotiate when and how the findings of our social audit will be made public. Sources and partial results of ongoing studies are held in the strictest confidence. When we negotiate a monitoring program with a corporation we understand that they have the right to protect proprietary information. Otherwise, they certainly won‘t grant us access to factory records.


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